603 The Art of Beaded Jewelry Design

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600 Jewelry-Making/Metals
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This class is for beginning and more experienced students who want to create unique and personalized designs in wearable art. Kim will encourage individual direction while sharing basic and advanced techniques. Beyond learning the fundamentals, Kim inspires her students by teaching them how to tap into, channel and refine their intuitive creative sensibilities, i.e. seeing, feeling, understanding and integrating colour, texture, pattern, light and line into their designs. Students learn to celebrate the fluidity of these elements and begin to appreciate the applicability in other aspects of their life. Illumination is an exciting process which requires patience and practice. Quality one-on-one attention is provided for any student who requires that extra sensitive guidance. Students are encouraged to utilize traditional components in addition to recycled objects such as buttons, hardware, old jewelry and items from nature. Attendance at first class is mandatory for beginners and a materials list will be provided at that time. Please feel free to bring something to nosh as nourishing the body promotes healthy creative flow.

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